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The DaDa Network

Jan 26, 2023

New Year: New You: New Thoughts: New Gnu.

Burn in hell 2022, long live 2023!

Perma-hosts Caligula & Miss Ellanea, permanantly stuck in the static prison of the unrelenting aural sonic landscpe, deliver fluid oral commentary on whatever they please. Join our Dada hosts as they:

• Scurry through the terror flats of Oklahoma,
• Debate nationalized healthcare themselves,
• Suppose on the despondant dedecation of those who actually still make New Year's resolutions,
• Delve into Miss Ellanea's writing process and the writing process overall,
GiAnT rObOtS
• D&D OGL (we said we'd give you a good source, but honestly just search "D&D OGL")
• MEAT DIET (• -• )

…goddamn meat diet, man.