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Feb 2, 2023

In November of 2021 Duoyi Games released Gunfire Reborn on Microsoft Windows. In May of 2022 it was released for Xbox Series X/S. A mobile version was released as well. For this review we played both the Gamepass and Steam versions. The Steam version is the superior version by leagues as it gets updates and has DLC. 


Jan 31, 2023

Get cheeky and funky fresh with Caligz & Miss Ell as they chat crypitds, debate scifi & fantasy quality hallmarks, and explore/rebuke bizarre new conspiracy theories. Listen to Miss Ellanea rant politics, and Caligula explain his various diets (including the famed MEAT diet)!

We really do be out here. Why, no one can...

Jan 26, 2023

New Year: New You: New Thoughts: New Gnu.

Burn in hell 2022, long live 2023!

Perma-hosts Caligula & Miss Ellanea, permanantly stuck in the static prison of the unrelenting aural sonic landscpe, deliver fluid oral commentary on whatever they please. Join our Dada hosts as they:

• Scurry through the terror flats of...

Sep 1, 2022

Oh man, this game was brutal. It tested every conceivable limit we had as totally real game journalists.

We gave it a .6/10 and honestly I can't in good faith give you more information than that. I don't want you to find this game, it's a nightmare. 

Aug 11, 2022

Three spooky nerds talk books with each other, make hard decisions, get off track, spin the wheel & make each other laugh. We hope you laugh too as we try to find books that verify our existence in reality.

n.b. All of the banter you hear in this episode is 100% factual and historically correct.


Theme: Nothing is...