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The DaDa Network

Jun 6, 2023

Stones Thrown @ shitting your pants & Miss Ellanea's cat, Tomathon.

The Word: WHIMSY

• T6 (YouTube Channel)
• Nightcrawler (Movie)
• Interstellar 5555 (animated short film)
• Solaris (movie)
• Evangelion (series and various movies).

• Suicide hotline (988)
• the talented comedian Caligula mentioned Hannah Jones (@hannahjonescool on Instagram)
• the film Miss Ell couldn't remember about the Holocaust is, “Life is Beautiful.”
• the internet spookem short Miss Ell couldn't remember is, "Penpals" by 1000Vultures, available as a novel from their website

Intro/outro music: NECO ARC BEAT TYPE 2 - Sastra Moment