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The DaDa Network

Mar 21, 2023

In the icy froth of the turbulent Atlantic juts a jagged mass, a great thrust upon which the frigid waves may crash. Many a lord hath bade their heaving tribes to hollow the rock of this place, to stack and mortar it into walls and walkways. Towers and parapets. Law and order. 
"Once a King lived there," they would say, "then he died and the new King of all kingdoms was crowned. That's when the ravens moved in. They had the run of the place for centuries– until recently, when something… else… ran them out." 
Strange eminations pulse from out the cracks in the castle stone, vibrations of an inhuman sort. They reach their tendrils far before scattering diffuse into æther. To invade. The feed. Our thoughts.
Now a strange new game is on the market, born of the void inside those castle walls. It's causing chaos in the streets, tearing friendships apart, and disrupting communities worldwide, yet this game offers naught but exalted escape. Beautiful nostalgia. Instant digital bliss.
What could be wrong with that?

No one would speak of these terrors, not one soul anywhere on Earth (unbelievable, right?), until Dada hit the scene. Caligula and Alchemia– having tasted the wares of the abyss– square up against Miss Ellanea and Vi, academic witches who have not dabbled in the dark depths firsthand. Join us dear listener as we discuss the ethics and emotions around Hogwarts Legacy.

Essay not referenced: "Toward a Decolonial Feminism," by María Lugones.

Intro/outro music: NECO ARC BEAT TYPE 2 - Sastra Moment