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The DaDa Network

Mar 14, 2023

The sky grows grey, thick clouds weaving into a roiling churn. The earth below quakes, cracks of lightning illuimating a distant lone figure. All is silent, even the everpresent chatter of the permahosts– Caligula & Miss Ellanea– and it is then you know: he is coming.

The one true prophet of the far flung stars (once removed), Atreides, has come to the aural realm to challenge the assertions of the Christian capitalist high priest, Sovereign Imagineer of Answers in Genesis, Tim Chaffey.

It's a bright blistering download of historical context straight into your data-meat, dear listener, make sure your buffers are cleared.

Book referenced: "Ring" by Koji Suzuki

Intro/outro music: NECO ARC BEAT TYPE 2 - Sastra Moment