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The DaDa Network

Feb 21, 2023

Once again you have found us in the EMF soup.
Us, the permahosts, Caligula & Miss Ellanea, float in the crowded aural æther awaiting eager ears hungry for stimulation.
An experience we glad bestow to you, the listener. 

Yet you were not the first to find us here!
Alchemia (Mia) joins us to talk through how to not steal but still find use from torrents, D&D and the challenges of DM'ing (go read a book), and the use of Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) as an excellent– if demanding– form of protest. A surprisingly helpful TrashCast awaits you, and leftover cake! Seriously, like, no one took any home last time.

Intro/outro music: NECO ARC BEAT TYPE 2 - Sastra Moment