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The DaDa Network

Apr 18, 2022

We watched the Netflix joint Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was pretty dumb but it was short, like my ex. Unlike my ex, I enjoyed my time spent with this movie. Hit the episode to find out why.

Sarah Yarkin is in this movie. She's a total babe. Go check out her other movies, her tunes, etc. It's all under her name. 

Also, this movie has throwing chainsaws and that makes me happy. 5e stats are as follows;



Uncommon 2d8 slashing 13 lb. Heavy, two-handed, thrown

A large metal saw carried with two hands, that's good for sawing. A chainsaw runs for two hours on a full tank of ½ gallon of gasoline. A chainsaw that's not turned on only counts as an improvised greatclub.